Regular window cleaning does not include the removal of any of the following: Glue, paint, artillery fungus, calcium, mineral deposits, or any adhesives. In specific situations, like removing paint or hard water stains, a tempered glass waiver is required, and additional charges may apply. 

• Please ensure that all of your doors and windows are completely shut.

• Please ensure that we have access to all parts of your property.

• Please ensure that we have access to a working water source.

Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit card. A paid receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  Out of town or not able to be home for the appointment?  That’s fine!  We are conveniently set up to take credit card and we can also send you a link for our online payment portal.  

In order for us to keep our schedule intact and promptly serve all of our customers, we do continue to schedule window cleaning jobs even if there is rain on the forecast. We are able to clean windows in light rain but if there is heavy rainfall we will reschedule. Rain typically does not affect freshly cleaned windows but if you happen to see any spots within 2 weeks please let us know and we will touch up the windows for you for free.

Quite simply, no!

Need to get work done while we are there? Or simply just want to relax? Go for it! You do not have to lift a finger.

In fact we have personal keys and codes to many of our customers homes. We will wear professional booties around your home to ensure we do not track in dirt and debris. We will move your furniture back from the windows and carefully lay down clean drop towels to ensure we don’t drip on your floors.

How long the job will take depends on the size of the home. A $100-$200 job will usually take our crew about 1 hour where as a $300-$500 job will take our crew 2 – 3 hours. If your job is $600 or up you can expect our crew to be there for a majority of the day.

Every window cleaning package we offer ensures excellent service from our skilled, uniformed team. You can count on us for thorough cleaning of your window glass, frames, and any drips. If you choose interior cleaning, we’ll use drop towels and wear booties to keep your space clean. We’re committed to treating your home with the utmost care.

We use a professional screen cleaning machine specifically designed for our industry. The machine hooks up to your garden tap and is equipped with jets and bristles to run the screens through, and get the best results.

Basic track cleaning: our technicians are going to open your window and agitate any dirt with a track brush followed with the vacuuming of the lose debris. The method is really quick and great value for the price. You should choose this method if your windows get done on a regular basis, and if your tracks just have some light dust or debris that can be wiped out.

Deep track cleaning: our technicians are going to spend more time on the window tracks. They will work with a steam cleaner, vacuum, and variety of track brushes to do a more detailed clean. You should use this method if you haven’t had your windows cleaned for a long time and there’s caked dirt or debris on the tracks or ledges. This level of service might also appeal to you if you are very particular about your home, and you want an ‘above and beyond’ service where our technicians spend extra time on each track and window frame.